Services & Pricing

Full Property Management

Per month
1st month of tenancy
Unit Size
10% 50% 0 unit – 15 units
8% 45% 16 – 25 units
6% 35% 26+ units

Finding Reliable, Quality Tenants

Per month
1st month of tenancy
Unit Size
5% 0% 0 unit – 15 units
4% 0% 16 – 25 units
3% 0% 26 – 40 units
2% 0% 41+ units

Due Diligence* Prior to Purchase

*Due Diligence is defined by Mr. Property LLC as looking into the investment property prior to purchase. This can include bringing professional contractors through, inspecting for repair needs, Tenant research, etc.



Acts of exploring the apartment upon onboarding, that are outside of filling it, that are required to have it be a manageable, law abiding, and paying unit.

**Avoiding Discovery – Provision of past rental payment history, screening of tenants done either by Mr. Property LLC or owner (includes background and credit check), provision of current rental agreement status and copy of active leases, and provision of tenant contact information.

$35 / hr

Eviction Discovery***

Work done to find evidence or material for eviction cause. This does not include any evidence, records, or provisions obtained during management of the apartment. Time spent in housing court will be billed at this rate.

$50 / hr

Project Management

Overseeing/ Management of large scale rehab and construction projects

$50 / hr

Contractor Management

10% mark up to contractor invoice to not exceed the total charge of $1000

Non-paying Tenants

Mr. Property LLC is due monthly management charge even without rent payment from tenants. This does not excuse Mr. Property of labor of collecting rent. Fee is eligible for delay of payment or financing options if rent is not collected.


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    Our Story

    Mr. Property LLC

    Mr. Property LLC is a property management company that puts its clients first. We began our journey in 2018, with a single cardboard poster, but with the dedication, support, and faith put toward our partnership we were able to form our LLC one year later.

    Graduating from Fitchburg State University and entering different professions within our neighborhood we became closer with our community. Starting a property management company we wanted to help families and investors manage their property so they could spend time on what really matters. Living , life and experiencing all it has to offer without the hassles of home ownership. With our diverse backgrounds, friendly attitude, and professional work ethic we strive to provide the best real estate experience for all levels and giving you the keys to your future.


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