Staying warm and saving big

Feb 7, 20190 comments

Being a Leominster based property management company, we are residents of New England. Living in New England comes with its unpredictable weather. We get hit with such extremes from the snow storms in the winter, to sweltering heat waves that can leave your air conditioner overworked in the summer. In either extreme, it can push energy consumption through the roof, and have you paying for it.

There are a few steps that can be taken to save both time and money, from prepping both the interior and exterior of your home and monitoring how you energy is used and heat preserved in the winter. There are multiple ways to heat your home and conveniently many ways to keep that heat stored effectively. Whether you have gas, electric, air or wood these D.I.Y tips and tricks, could be the difference when paying that next energy bill.

Slash Your Winter Heating Bills – 17 Free & Inexpensive Ways to Save Money This Winter!

Give some of these tips a try,

Have they helped you save month to month? What are some other techniques you have picked up over the years to fend off the winter months energy usage spike?


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