Is the price right? Finding an ideal rental price

Apr 16, 20190 comments

When renting or buying a home, its comes with great security to know where you money is going. Renting your home makes you extra money to put toward your mortgage, allows you the freedom to take those postponed trips or move to a brand new home. As you begin growing your investments and renting out properties understanding the value of your home is key. If you’re a wiz with numbers you may be able to do this alone but if your not confident a little help can go a long way. Whether you use an online tool or home appraiser, understanding your investment’s, actual value, is the first step to a successful real estate career.

Owning a home comes with financial pressures especially if you are planning to become a landlord. Owning a home comes with monthly mortgage payments, home owner organization fees. With tenants comes any, unexpected, payments you may have to make to fix damages to your property.

A home appraiser can benefit the rental process by giving you an accurate perspective on how much your home is worth as it could be different from the buying price. They can assess damages to your property and compare your home’s value to the neighborhood average so that your investment is marketable and your house is priced reasonably so that you are making a profit through the process. Another consideration for using a home appraiser is they will be knowledgeable of any state laws limiting state laws.

If you like to do your own research, which you always should, there are online tools that could be of use. Websites like Zillow, Cozy, or Trulia can be great organizational tools to get an estimate on your properties worth mainly in comparison to like homes in the area. Being able to see housing trends over time and stay up-to date on various housing topics. Along with appraisers or any online tools you could also ask a property manager to assist in the process. At M.R. Property we use multiple avenues to come to the best price for your investment. We utilize our exclusive quality tenant network. We also can handle the rental process from screening tenants, facilitating tours, and finalizing rental agreements.

When it comes down to it what ever helps you get to the price you need, do the research so that you are confident in the choices you make and secured you are getting the most out of your investment.



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