Public housing: Supporting the community

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Property managers. homeowners, investors, and real estate agents have a duty to be a local resource in their community. Connecting the individuals of our communities to the proper support can give them the foundation of a successful future. Public housing is a program funded by the government to provide homes for low-income families. Public housing units can be funded federally or through programs unique to each state. The programs support low-income families, elderly people, and people with disabilities. Both levels of housing have similar guidelines, but there are differences between the two worth understanding. 

Federal housing

Federal housing is funded by (HUD) the U.S. Department of Housing and urban development. Federal housing comes in 2 types- homes that support low-income families, and homes that are specifically utilized for seniors and those with disabilities. The size of the unit depends on the number of people in your family.

State housing

State housing is funded by (DHCD)  the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. State housing comes in 4 types. The first type, family housing, are homes that are in larger buildings big enough for 20+ families. The other family home model, places families in multi-family homes, from 2- 4 bedrooms, depending on family size.  The  third type are homes for seniors and those with disabilities. These homes are usually smaller units like studios or 1 bedroom apartments. State housing’s final type supports special needs, or those coping with mental health disorders. These homes coordinate with the Department of mental health, to properly house those with Mental health disorders.


For those searching for public housing, you don’t have to look far. Towns across Massachusetts have local housing authorities. For instance, the Leominster Housing Authority.  They house programs like section-8, and a directory of subsidized housing. Facilities like these are a wealth of information and provide affordable options to those in need.

Keeping our minds open to alternative routes of supporting our community builds confidence in Real estate. 


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