Massachusetts Next Steps and Pandemic Positives

May 25, 20200 comments

As Massachusetts continues the fight against COVID-19 by providing Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, to our own front line workers and following CDC guidelines for the most recommended safety practices in our essential stores, the underlying anxiety caused by quarantine has sparked a 4-phase plan for reopening businesses in our state. In an attempt to rekindle the economy and decrease unemployment rate, while simultaneously easing the mental distress being caused by the pandemic, this plan began last week with the allowed reopening of manufacturing, construction, religious worship, and community health centers following required sanitiation and safety guidelines.


All Guidance Mentioned Is Provided In Re-Opening Massachusetts May 18, 2020 Powerpoint Which Can Be Downloaded And Reviewed In Detail Here.

  Phase 1 – Start

  • As industries open back up the spread of coronavirus will be monitored in an attempt to justify the continued reopening of other less essential business’s.
  • All business’s reopening must adhere to MA Safety Standards provided on
  • Phase 1 Re-opening Schedule:
    • May 18th:
      • Essential Business
      • Manufacturing
      • Construction
      • Hospitals and Community Health Centers
      • Places of Worship
    • May 25th:
      • Lab and Office Spaces
      • Limited Personal Services (Hair Salons, Pet Salons, Car Washes)
      • Retail Stores Utilizing Remote Fulfillment and Curbside Pickup
      • Beaches, Parks, Drive-In Theaters, Some Athletic Fields and Courts, Most Outdoor Adventure Activities, Fishing / Hunting / Boating, Outdoor Gardens, Zoos, Reserves, and Public Installations.
    • June 1:
      • Office Spaces in Boston
  • K-12 Schools will remain closed until 2021 with elementary through middle schools completing education courses online through 2020.
  • Higher Education will begin to repopulate research facilities during phase 1 utilizing safety and sanitation guidelines in the Commonwealth.

Phase 2 – Cautious

  • Pending the results in containing the spread of coronavirus seen in Phase 1, planning for Phase 2 will begin.
  • Guidance for re-opened Phase 1 business’s may change.
  • Additional stores will re-open in the capacity’s of:
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Lodging
    • Additional Personal Services
      • Nail Salons
      • Day Spas
    • Day Programs
    • Less Urgent Preventative Services, Procedures, and Care

Phase 3 – Vigilant

  • Pending the results in containing the spread of coronavirus seen in Phase 2, planning for Phase 3 will begin.
  • Potentially updated guidances on re-opened business’s in Phase 1 & 2.
  • Additional stores will re-open in the capacity’s of:
    • Bars
    • Arts and Entertainment
      • Casinos
      • Fitness Gyms
      • Museums
    • All Other Business’s except large venues or nightclubs.

Phase 4 – New Normal

  • Pending the creation of vaccines or medical treatments all business functionality resumes to normal.


Although gatherings are being restricted to <10 people and a “safer at home” advisory is still in effect restricting travel, our combined cooperation to stifle the increase in coronavirus is the only thing that will help to speed along this process and get back to life without constant fear of losing loved ones or our jobs.

With all the news of new positive cases or restrictions being implemented it can be easy to lose sight of anything positive going on in the world. With that in mind, here’s a couple of pandemic positives to get you through the day:

  • Close to 95% of individuals affected by Coronavirus will only experience slight flu like symptoms and will not be fatal as discussed in this recent CDC study.
  • With travel restrictions, NO2 Pollution has been reduced in most major parts of the world by up to 30% (study found here)! This large reduction in such a short time may help prompt new legsilative action to continue emission reductions that result in tens of thousand of air pollutant related deaths each year and will also help mother nature to continue thriving.
  • We’re being personally reminded of how important our friends and family are to us both mentally and physically. Passed this pandemic, when we are able to see eachother again regularly, these feelings we share now will help to solidify and strengthen our relationships as we strive to stay in touch.

We Will Make It Through This Together! 


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