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Nov 14, 20200 comments

Well its every New Englander’s favorite time of year again, when the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall. There is a lot going on this time of year as families gear up for Thanksgiving and prepare for winter. Although there are many challenges this year especially, we have a couple great tips in preparation for the coming season!

First! If you are a homeowner or prospective homebuyer in New England one of your first worries every year is the amount of money spent on heating your home. While there are many ways to heat a home during the cold winter months some are more efficient and even ecologically safer as well. While using electrical heat, you are undoubtedly reducing the size of your carbon footprint but you can spend a small fortune going this route compared to using fossil fuels. So where do we go? Well, there are a few options; a lot of homes in the area have made the switch over to pellet stoves as many people find it a happy medium between burning natural gas and breaking the bank using electricity. Taking into account the numbers for a roughly 2000 sq. foot home, the cost of heating using natural gas is a manageable amount of around 1,400$ while using electricity can go up to as high as 6,000$ over the course of the winter. Another great reason to choose a pellet stove is because it is easily installed and can be just as easily adjusted to varying degrees of heat while not running up a sizable heating bill. Whatever you decide to burn this year, don’t make it your money and get the facts first!

Another worry many people in the area have and especially this year is the impending flu that comes time and time again. As if one virus wasn’t enough to be worried about, you are in luck! The Massachusetts Medical Society calls the flu vaccine “a safe and important step toward protecting yourself, your family, your co-workers, your classmates, and your community”. While not everyone traditionally gets his or her flu shot every year, this year your health and the health of the nation are extremely important. Governor Charlie Baker has mandated that all students in the state of Massachusetts must receive flu shots in an effort to prevent a breakout of the flu on top of the already crippling COVID-19 Pandemic. While we acknowledge not every parent is comfortable vaccinating their children or themselves, we stress the importance of keeping and upholding a safe and healthy community this winter and beyond into 2021.

This time of year can be a tough time for many especially when we get the winter weather were so accustomed to. Our plan? Simple. Budget accordingly and stay healthy! We at Mr. Property Management believe the best results are yielded from everyday citizens bringing together the future we all want for our children, our community, and ourselves.



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